Troubleshooting Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii Bios The Easiest Way

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    I LOVE to review manufacturers that offer all sorts of extras like motherboards that are the same or maybe a lot bigger than others, but all don’t require full IDEs- cables, cases. straps, two or more Serial ATA and IDE RAID models, MOSFET cooling, or on-the-fly encryption capabilities. All those different free and optional peripherals included are great, but remember that they add to the price of our own card and are really trash when not in use.

    albatron k8x800 pro ii bios

    Because Athlon 64 3000+ processors are a great choice for the budget conscious enthusiast, the outlook for Athlon 64 panels is optimistic and the bells and whistles are at a lower price point. One such more affordable Athlon 64 is Albatron’s K8X800 Pro II, which offers all the essential features without the extra bells and whistles. Is the K8X800 Pro II Athlon 3000+ worthy? 64 Read on to learn from.

    The K8X800 Pro is not overloaded with anything imaginable, but it has everything that the vast majority of users need.

    Far away mainly because the K8X800 Pro II really loses to IDE RAID only in terms of built-in functionality. Not bad for one of the most affordable Athlon Sixty Four motherboards on the market.

    Manufacturer Albatron
    model K8X800 Pro II
    Price (street) $125
    Accessibility Now
    CPU Support Socket color=”#ffffff” Athlon 64 754 based processors
    Form Factor ATX
    North Bridge THROUGH K8T800
    South Bridge VIA VT8237
    Interconnect Hyper Transport (3.6 Gbps)
    Color=”#f8f8b1″ PCI slots 632 bit/33 MHz
    Color=”#f8f8b1″ AGP Slots 14x/8x (1.5V only)
    AMR/CNR slots None
    Reminder 3 x 184-pin DIMM sockets
    Maximum 2 GB DDR266/333/400 SDRAM
    Memory Input/Output Floppy disk
    2-channel ATA/133
    Serial ATA 2 Serial ATA VT8237 programs on the south bridge
    RAID RAID 0, 1 supports VT8237 via V-RAID
    Deprecated Ports 1 PS/2 keyboard, 1 PS/2 duck, serial and parallel ports
    USB 2 USB 2.0 ports< br> 4 additional USB ports via PCI transfer header
    Firewire 2Firewire IEEE 1394 plug-ins via Firewire VT6307 controller
    Audio 7.1 channel audio via VIA Envy24PT audio controller
    front, back, back and centeranalog outputs
    analog line and therefore microphone inputs
    l S/PDIF digital input and output ports (coaxial and Color=”#f8f8b1″ tos-link)
    Video None
    Ethernet 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet on 3COM 940-MV00
    BIOS Phoenix AwardBIOS
    Bus speed CPU: 200-300 MHz in 1 MHz steps
    DRAM: One auto, 100, 133, 166, and 200 MHz
    Bus Splitter None
    tension CPU: 0.8-1.9V in 0.05V steps
    AGP: 1.5-1.8V in 0 steps, 05V 0.1V
    DIMM: 2.6-2.9″ in 0.1V steps
    Northbridge: 2.5-2.8V in 0.1V steps
    Southbridge : 2 color=”#ffffff”.5-2.8 V in 0.1 steps In colors=”#ffffff ” increased
    LDT: 1 .2-1.3 in 0.1V steps
    Watch Voltage, fan status and temperature monitoring

    Board layout
    Albatron is believed to have chosen the latest bluishA blue color for their motherboards that isn’t too unique. However, chalkboard painting isn’t too blatant for the more orthodox guys or dudes, and too boring for those with casement windows.

    The K8X800 Pro II’s primary power connector is also well placed on the edge of the board, and there’s plenty of room between the additional four-pin header that plugs into the CPU header so that the cables aren’t heavy enough. disturb the air speed.

    However, it may be difficult for users to connect a tape cartridge to a floppy drive slot that is as far away as possible from the external 3.5″ drive bay of a typical case. Luckily, floppy disks will disappear soon, so inconvenient placement shouldn’t bother an incredible number of users.

    In addition to the floppy-only slot, the K8X800 Pro II has six PCI slots providing enough capacity for adding add-ons. However, since Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1 channel audio, and Serial ATA RAID have been removed, I suspect users will only use half of the currently available slots.PCI.

    albatron k8x800 pro ii bios

    Six-slot PCI cards usually have serious conflicts between AGP cards and DIMM slot retainers, and the K8X800 II pro is no exception. Longer AGP cards can slip behind the card’s DIMM slot tabs, so some users may need to remove the graphics card to replace memory modules.

    Speaking of memory, the K8X800 Pro II has three DIMM slots, each of which can hold up to one gigabyte of memory. Only two DIMM slots on the board can be effective when the memory is clocked above 166MHz, which limits the capacity of the K8X800 Pro Maximum ii DDR400 to 2GB. more than 2 GB of DDR400 memory. However, it’s odd that you see 2GB and 3GB memory limits on such cards, given that the specific capacity of the Athlon 64 can address more than 4GB of memory.

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    Bios Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii
    Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii Bios
    Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii Bios
    Bios Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii
    Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii Bios
    Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii Bios
    Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii Bios
    Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii Bios
    Albatron K8x800 Pro Ii Bios
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