I Have A Problem With DVB Hardware Error Code 2 Unable To Initialize

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    If you’re seeing the “Unable to Initialize DVB Hardware Error Code 2” error on your computer, check out these troubleshooting tips.

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    Hardware Error 11:40, Error Prefix 2

    How to fix not accessible fatal device hardware error?

    You have to select exactly the partition/drive that is not accessible and gives you a fatal device hardware error that cannot be accessed when you try to open it. Then click the “Scan from disk” button to start diagnosing files.

    General hardware error. It says that I just can’t use it in shorthand. Try using a feed reader.

    Any help please? Working diligently before the Windows update… :x


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    Re: Hardware Error, Error 2

    Make sure the person has installed the latest drivers for your DVB device. Run Dream DVB with administrator rights.
    If they don’t increase, follow the error message and switch to the StreamReader device in the dialoggadget

    DVB dream – because I have to dream about having time to program

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    Common Error Due To Undetected Driver

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  • Common Error: Driver Detected

    I often don't get the main sequence when I try to use the whole map.

    I can usually get it working again by removing the driver card and then reinstalling it. Sometimes it definitely takes a few tries.
    Today I did this a lot, a lot, almost all the time, and I still get the error I mentioned earlier.

    The user I use doesn't matter, but the most recent owner of the car, 1.0.23 or whatever, seems to be the worst.

    This is running Windows 8.1 64-bit. When the card works, beautiful, but so fiery that I lost my patience!

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  • Re: Common Error/unrecognized Driver

    No, I don't need to test for a long time, artifacts are displayed constantly with my card and on various commercial channels 13E 12478 H 29900 KBS WORLD HD, 13E 12476 H 29900 RT HD. My priority in this regard is the Card Watch Game Feed channel on 7E, 10E, 16E, etc. where these streams have a high bitrate and maybe 60% have artifacts, a few days ago these artifacts did not appear.... Over time, the card like before the second rm... ii waiting for buyer to close...

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  • Re: Unknowncommon Driver Error

    Checked, loaded for a week, many codecs, TBS drivers, description, software for DVB video (altDVD, DVBdream, dvbViewer and card replaced with a second software. Still the same problems with artifacts, through connecting azbox to the same dish + lnb problems show Lines without artifacts!I'm talking in the morning a few days ago with the same configuration, TBS worked without artifacts.... My result Faulty postcard :(


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    Congratulations! Can you show some bright images with scanned channels, respectively?An existing TV show on the screen, and then a tuner model that is uniquely identified by the viewer? :)

    By the way, could you become a reseller of this supplier? Strong profits are usually predictable when selling this wonderful process! ? And you have already established a respectable relationship with the company... I can be sure that some companies here have opened workshops where you can resolder faulty chips, so this may not be a problem.

    : tall

    I will try to document it step by step with screenshots.

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    First image. There is a notification in Windows that the driver is installed. The receiver is not normally connected to the PC, but, unfortunately, it is turned on.
    Second photo. BlazeVideo shoes or boots with the receiver turned on. LME2510C powered by USB, Cube always powered on and lnbf.
    Third image. Select a satellite to scan.
    The fourth image. The receiver usually scans BlazeVideo software has simple functions to add, remove or expand satellites or transponders. I added RTV.

    Congratulations! Can land you show photos of Blaze with scanned channels, TV shows on the screen and the model of this receiver clearly identifiable by the viewer? :)

    By the way, could you become a reseller for sellers: such a solid profit is predictable from the sale of this wonderful device! ? And people have already established a good relationship with the company... I know internet companies that have set up a shop here to resolder broken chips, so that shouldn't be a problem. : high

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    No Se Puede Inicializar El Codigo De Error De Hardware Dvb 2
    Ne Udaetsya Inicializirovat Apparatnuyu Oshibku Dvb S Kodom 2
    Impossibile Inizializzare Il Codice Di Errore Hardware Del Dvb 2
    Kan Inte Initiera Dvb Hardvarufelkod 2
    Kan Dvb Hardwarefoutcode Niet Initialiseren
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    Dvb 하드웨어 오류 코드 2를 초기화할 수 없습니다
    Impossible D Initialiser Le Code D Erreur Materiel Dvb 2
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