Solution For E303 Cannot Open Swap File For

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    In the past few days, some of our users have encountered a known error code where e303 was unable to open the swap file. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at them now.

    I get E303 (swap file cannot be opened for “filename”, cannot be processed) when I open a file for vim on my Ubuntu system.

    I confirm that the backup directory and environment variable directory are configured correctly via vim –

    backupdir = ~ / tools / Vim_Files / vim_backup

    Directory = ~ / tools / Vim_Files / vim_backup

    This is the shell output of mark vii -l –
    ls -c ~ / tools / Vim_Files /

    drwxrwxr-x 2 my program I 4096 October 9 17:02 vim_backup

    This is what has to do with my .vimrc parameter of these variables –

      se nobackup writebackuplet s: vim_cstmztn_files_dir = '~ / tools / Vim_Files /'let & directory = s: vim_cstmztn_files_dir.'vim_backup 'let & backupdir = s: vim_cstmztn_files_dir.'vim_backup ' 

    I’m not new to Still Vim. I use i’m so cmder on Windows, I tried WSL but couldn’t get WSLTTY to work properly … for some reason I can’t read my husband and vimrc even though he uses the same core files. but wtv. This is believed to be a completely new problem that I ran into today when I unpacked Vim.

    • Adding set directory =., $ TMP, $ TEMP to my .vimrc file didn’t help.

    • Fullyerase my temporary files in CD Debugger

    • This will magically disappear if I first go to the directory of the CD where the file is located, then open the large file. For example, when I am in my home directory, I have a project in “projects / cat_project”, when I run vim / cat_project projects, I of course get the e303 error. However, when I first cd “vim cat_project” to projects, I get no errors.

    I’ll play with vim anyway, everything seems to work. I only get this error on first boot and it annoys me. It seems

    This must be a bug. Since Vim E303: could not open mod file for “[No Name]”, recovery is possible, I have to add this to Directory = _gvimrc :

      is defined., $ TEMP 

    To clarify the location of information files and directories that are not immediately clear and understandable, here is another solution.

      mkdir% HOMEPATH%  vim  backupmkdir% HOMEPATH%  vim  tmp 

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    Note that if % HOMEPATH% is C: Users User equals.Name , then “User.Name” is somewhere your name Windows user.

      Define  Backup copyinstall backupdir = $ HOME  vim  backupset directory = $ HOME  vim  tmpdefine our martindentSet tab stop = 2set shiftwidth = 2expand the tab. to defineput ahset pastetoggle = Syntax 


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    Alt = “@ ZyX-I” ZyX-I Commented On December 26, 2015

    @jiajunhuang Since it is important for Neovim to create directories for swap files, problems arise. Make sure ~ / .local / share / nvim / swap to Each exists that it is a directory and is probably located in / home, ~ / ~, .local, ~ / .local / share, ~ / .local. / share / nvim exists – this is the directory to write (for recursive promotion ~ / .local / share / nvim / swap).

    Also, it is wrong to set XDG_DATA_HOME to $ XDG_CONFIG_HOME / nvim : 1. flexible this is not only used by Neovim and 2. XDG_CONFIG_HOME is used to create configurations, and this is unexpected when you need to use one and same location with XDG_DATA_HOME.

    e303 unable to open swap file for

    @jiajunhuang Since Neovim leads to the swap directory, there are always permission issues. Make sure ~ / .local / share / nvim / swap exists, whether it is a writeable directory or all / home, ~ / ~, .local, ~ / .local / share, ~ / .local / share / nvim exists, this is the write directory (for recursive publishing ~ / .local / share / nvim / swap).

    e303 unable to open swap file for

    We are also not talking about fixing XDG_DATA_HOME in $ XDG_CONFIG_HOME / nvim : the third variable is used not only by Neovim, and the second XDG_CONFIG_HOME has become for configurations and so on. It’s a surprise to share in the same place via XDG_DATA_HOME.

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