FIX: Router Error 324

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    It seems that some readers have encountered Router Error Code 324. This problem can occur for several reasons. We will review them below.

    One of the worst things that can usually happen to your neon lights is your speedometer stops working. You don’t know how a person will look at this thing until it comes to a stop at 0 mph while you’re driving down the road.

    error 324 router

    If your Dodge neon speedometer is not working, it is usually due to a VSS (Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor) problem or possibly a faulty ECU. vss is usually not very expensive, combined with them is not such a grueling replacement.

    error 324 router

    The cars used a cable that usually came from the rear parts of the shaft-specific transmission, the speedometer will help you. There were physical/mechanical connections between the transmission and the speedometer.

    Instead of this route communication, a modern vehicle offers the possibility of measuring the speed of the vehicle and transmitting the information to the speedometer. VSS is part of a suite of sensors that keep you safe (traction control, cruise control, control).

    Speedometer Does Not Work Causes: Dodge Neon

    The speedometer of a modern car usually receives input from the vehicle speed sensor and sends this data to ECU. The programmed ECU literally matches your Neon’s gear ratios and therefore standard tire heights. Combines the data here to send the speed reading to the instrument cluster. The reasons for a bad speedometer can usually be found in the following 5 things:

    Typical VSS
  • VSS–

      A bad speed sensor is often accompanied by the error code P0500 (VSS round malfunction). The speed sensor can do more than just monitor all the speedometers, it also helps control the new cruise control system and can affect how the car drives from time to time. If the service engine is almost on, check the trouble code with an OBDII scanner. If you don’t havet drive, take it to your local hardware store and run it for yourself >

    • Wiring problems – unprotected electrical voltage applied to or from the VSS should cause your speedometer to stop working. This often manifests itself after passing through cold, heavy water. Worth checking to see if the fuse is blown. If this happens again, remember that it will eventually explode again without fixing the source of the problem. Here’s a great guide on how to diagnose a short in almost any vehicle.
    • The engine control unit (abbreviated ECU) is simply the Neon engine control unit. The computer that does this gets all the information. the vehicle receives data from the security alarm, collects it, and uses it to process the vehicle’s systems and send telemetry payloads from the vehicle to the switch via the instrument cluster. If something is wrong with the ECU, it may no longer be able to send speed telemetry directly on the dashboard. This is always possible when there are no VSS related trouble codes, but it’s better to look at the wiring before looking at the ECU.
    • The speedometer itself is the chance of the speedometer going off. his own, while the rest of the actual sensors continue to work, is not very good. When you find that the speedometer is faulty, it most often means that the entire instrument cluster has a serious problem. Are there other sensors? If yes, then the problem is most likely not in the speedometer, but in the signal going to it. • Are other measuring instruments also out of order? Okay go around the dashboard and press the ECU, that should be the start. Dashboard first.

    Diagnosing A Neon Not Working Speedometer

    If your Dodge Neon’s speedometer isn’t working well, the first thing to do is to go ahead and make sure that the Internet Service Engine will be enabled soon (if any). Now take it out and see if the cruise control works. If so, that’s a pretty good sign that the vehicle’s speed sensor is good. If that’s not the case, it’s time to think about it m.

    Once you’ve

    tested the leave controller, you need to move on to VSS and, of course, wiring to and from it. Before you get your head under the whole car, check if the fuse on the VSS is blown. If so, replacing this unit may temporarily restore your Neon’s speedometer, but will not solve why your current speedometer has stopped working. If everything is in order, it’s time to take care of the ECU.


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    Driving with the speedometer on can be quite dangerous and intimidating. We only use the speedometer app. Use it with your Pocket PC’s built-in GPS to get highly accurate speed readings. You can run it directly from the toolbar until you fix your device. Good luck repairing your Neon’s speedometer! If you have something to add, leave a comment below.

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