Fixed Pam_ldap Error When Trying To Bind Invalid Credentials

Over the past few days, some of our users have informed us that they encountered a pam_ldap error when trying to bind invalid credentials.

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    I need to authenticate the author’s FreeBSD servers via AD, but everyone has problems.

    Wednesday:Backend AD (Win 2k8r2). It works with other authenticated Linux hosts from 9 sssd
    freebsd.1 for client-server

    I need to set up anything I can think of as context and I think this is better, but when I try to log in with an AD account it fails:

    pam_ldap error trying to bind invalid credentials

      pam_ldap: error while trying to create script as user "CN = testuser, CN = Users, DC = example, DC = com" (invalid login information) 

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    I know this is a bit tricky because the DN returned by the situation is correct and hence it comes from the AD device. If it then tries to kill using that DN, it fails and causes authentication to fail. I tested the test client credits on an AD server, tried ldapsearch and even set it as the default bind DN in ldap.conf, and this is how it works for all tests.

    I can’t simulate life myself to figure out why the initial binding is fine, but then the user’s indigestible content doesn’t work.

      pam_login_attribute-UIDBase dc = example, dc = comur ldap: // nobinddn CN = ro_user, CN = user, DC = example, DC = combindpw Somerandompw 

    pam_ldap error trying to bind invalid credentials

      pam_login_attribute-UIDbase ldap: // xxx dc = example, dc = no 
      sufficient authorization no_warn no_fake_promptsauth Required no_warn allow_localAuthentication lots /usr/local/lib/ no_warn debugAuthentication required no_warn try_first_passAccount requested pam_nologin.soRequires Essential accountAccount called for /usr/local/lib/ No_warn ignore_authinfo_unavail ignore_unknown_userRequired session pam_permit.soPassword required no_warn try_first_pass 

    EDIT: I had my own thoughts – anyone using, given that pam_ldap definitely uses the same authentication / daily fat intake process for the initial and authentication bindings? I am having a hard time figuring out how a particular binding can succeed when it is probably the first binding, but fails even if it is an authentication binding.


    i ldap-auth-client nscd ldap-utils for lubuntu 14.04 which runs on private detective’s banana. As a user I canI successfully bind the most important things with ldapwhoami , but I cannot connect via ssh:

      21.02:12:05 lemaker sshd [1445]: Invalid jonathan.fisher driver from 21 02:12:05 am sshd [1445]: lemaker input_userauth_request: invalid user jonathan.fisher [preauth]October 19, 02:12:09 sshd [1445]: lemaker pam_unix (sshd: auth): look at the passport; Unknown userOctober 21, 02:12:09 sshd [1445]: lemaker pam_unix (sshd: auth): authentication failed; log name = uid = 0 euid = 0 tty = ssh ruser = rhost = 21 2:12:09 am lemaker sshd [1445]: pam_ldap: Error attempting to bind as user 'cn = jonathan.fisher, ou = users, dc = corp, dc = xxx, dc = com' (invalid login information )Oct 24 02:12:12 lemaker sshd [1445]: Security password failed for invalid user jonathan.fisher total from port 53005 ssh2 

    Everything is strange here …I had a crazy idea to do a tcpdump and try to bind the actual password string as INCORRECT , which is by no means the password I entered. Sounds funny … what could it be? Be on?

      bananapi @ lemaker: ~ $ sudo id jonathan.fisherID: jonathan.fisher: no user type 

    Not sure why … I configured nsswitch.conf:

     passwd: ldap songsGroup: ldap filesshadow: draw data in ldap 

    When most people get the error below shortly after entering the correct password

    03:56:42 Testserver Sshd [30173]: Pam_ldap: Bind Error As User ‘uid = Testuser, Ou = People, Dc = Test, Dc = Testdomain, Dc = Com’ (credentials Are Invalid)

    2. November. 03:56:43 Testserver Sshd [30173]: Failed Password For Test User 10 Of 17.0.3 Vent 51306 Ssh2

    Cause: Password Is Not Syncing Correctly With All Client Servers During Scheduled Window

    Solution: Restart the specific slapd service in the LDAP site and it will sync across all servers.

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